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Vitarade® fueled by Vitargo® in endurance sports

Providing correct amount of carbohydrates is crucial in every endurance sport. During the period of intensive physical exercise athlete should consume even 8 – 12 g of carbohydrates per kilogram of bodyweight 1. It means that an athlete weighing 70 kg should consume as much as 560-840 g of carbohydrates daily (!!!). When the workout intensity and individual body physiological capacity is taken into account, it’s often hard to meet such high nutritional demands only by consuming normal carbohydrates products or drinks.

Moreover, during endurance activity rise of intensity increases glucose use2,3,4, so it is very important to replenish carbohydrate stores during prolonged physical activity. It is recommended to consume 60-70 g of glucose and its polymers per hour of activity 1 and even 80-100 g when fructose is added5. Delivering different kinds of carbohydrates and caffeine increases the use of „external” sources of energy and allows to perform longer without decrease of intensity6,7,8.

Unfortunately, despite providing carbohydrates during effort, muscle and liver glycogen levels decrease. If the effort is continued, it can lead to increased protein loss1, because of increased catabolic (breakdown) activity that causes microdamages. Protein can be used as a source of energy, especially when glycogen level is low. During prolonged and intensive physical effort, free radicals production is increased and electrolytes are lost with sweat during thermoregulation process 1,9. It is recommended to replenish carbohydrates and other physiologically active substances immediately after the exercise, which augments recovery rate. Every endurance athlete should consume at least 0,5-1,0 carbohydrates per kilogram of bodyweight along with proper amount of protein and electrolytes5.

Vitarade® fueled by Vitargo® product line offers 4 various forms of products designed to provide complete support for athletes before, during and after the physical activity. All of Vitarade® fueled by Vitargo® products contain high molecular mass carbohydrates with low osmolality that ensures fast gastric emptying rate10 and quick replenishment of glycogen11 allowing to perform much more muscle work during subsequent workout sessions or sport events12. It means that each of the Vitarade® fueled by Vitargo® product will replenish muscle and liver glycogen at maximum rate, while putting only a minimal stress on the stomach. Vitarade® fueled by Vitargo® products are perfect choice during preparation for the intense physical activity, during the intense exercise or competition and to ensure quick post workout regeneration.

High molecular mass carbohydrates contained in Vitarade® CL fueled by Vitargo®, Vitarade® EL fueled by Vitargo® i Vitarade® Drink EL fueled by Vitargo® are recommended during the „carbohydrate loading” phase before the activity, during the activity as an easy assimilated source of energy and after the activity to ensure quick post workout regeneration. Vitarade® Endurance Bar fueled by Vitargo® can be consumed before, during and after the physical activity. Due to content of caffeine8,13, creatine14 and whey protein15 it improves exercise capacity during prolonged workout sessions or competitions and speeds up the recovery rate.

3 various energy gels: Vitarade® Carboloader Gel fueled by Vitargo®,Vitarade® Energy Gel fueled by Vitargo® and Vitarade® Recovery Gel fueled by Vitargo® are perfect source of concentrated high molecular mass glucose polymers and physiologically active ingredients that guarantee optimal preparation for the intense physical activity, maximum support during the exercise, and very fast regeneration after hard training session or sport events. Vitarade® CarboloaderGel fueled by Vitargo® is designed for optimal preparation for intensive workout session or sport event. Vitarade® EnergyGel fueled by Vitargo® contains the unique TRIPLECARB FORMULA that was formulated according to up-to-date scientific research 6,7,10,11 to support energy metabolism during the physical exercise in the best way. Vitarade® RecoveryGel fueled by Vitargo® delivers high quality collagen protein and antioxidant complex to ensure maximal rate of regeneration even after the most intensive physical exercise. Moreover, in case of prolonged exercise it fully supports regeneration of microdamages that occurred during intensive muscle work.


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