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VITARADE® Energy Gel fueled by Vitargo® is the only carbohydrate gel based on scientific research on the market containing three different sources of carbohydrates in one package. During physical activity, the human body can utilize (oxidize) various kinds of carbohydrates to perform effective and intensive muscle work. There are various sources of energy - one of simple sugars like glucose, fructose, trehalose or isomaltulose or complex carbohydrates such as maltodextrines or high molecular mass carbohydrates like amylopectin, with a chemical structure similar to muscle glycogen. Providing the appropriate kind and amount of carbohydrates ensures its maximum use as an energy source, which lowers the usage of body energy sources - muscle and liver glycogen. Saving glycogen allows you to train longer at higher intensity1,2. What’s important, carbohydrates consumed during workouts can’t stress gastrointestinal tract allowing you to perform even the most intensive workout.

VITARADE® Energy Gel fueled by Vitargo® delivers three different kinds of carbohydrates ensuring their maximum utilization during the workouts. Carbohydrates contained in VITARADE® Energy Gel fueled by Vitargo® don’t stress the stomach and are quickly absorbed from intestines, so they effectively support the body during the physical exercises.

Why VITARADE® Energy Gel fueled by Vitargo® ?

Long lasting physical activity requires continuous delivery of carbohydrates. During intense workouts natural muscle and liver glycogen stores deplete quickly and depending on the prior exercise nutrition are sufficient approx. for 60 – 75 minutes.1,2,3 Using the “external” carbohydrates allows continuing the activity and using the full body potential. It is recommended to consume 1-1,2 g/kg/b.w./h – approx. 60-90g of carbohydrates per hour.2,4 For many athletes and active people consuming such a large amount of carbohydrates during the competition or workout is a huge problem that often negatively influences their performance. Only if the proper amount of high quality carbohydrates is delivered, can an athlete or active person maintain workout intensity for a long time, postponing the fatigue. The most popular type of carbohydrates used in gels is glucose and its polymers like maltodextrines or high molecular carbohydrates (Vitargo®). Due to its low osmolality high molecular mass carbohydrates leave the stomach much faster than glucose or maltodextrines5 so they can appear faster in the bloodstream6. High molecular mass carbohydrates, just like maltodextrines are broken down to glucose in intestines and further transported to the bloodstream by Sodium-Dependent Glucose Transporters (SGLT-1). Too much of glucose polymers quickly saturate glucose transporters and carbohydrates start to accumulate in the intestines which leads to unpleasant feeling of satiety and even pain. Addition of the fructose, which is transported by another intestinal transporter called GLUT-5, allows you to deliver carbohydrates by two different “channels” making the whole process more efficient, therefore the body has better energy support during physical activity7,8. (For more info see research concerning TRIPLECARB FORMULA).

Vitarade® Energy Gel fueled by Vitargo® provides concentrated and easy accessible carbohydrates, to ensure maximum support during the physical effort.

The source of concentrated and easy accessible carbohydrates from TRIPLECARB FORMULA

  • Vitarade® Energy Gel fueled by Vitargo® contains TRIPLECARB FORMULA blend based on 3 different kinds of carbohydrates with various gastric emptying rates and various intestinal transport systems. TRIPLECARB FORMULA ensures fast transport of glucose and fructose into the blood. Due to high molecular mass carbohydrates (Vitargo®), maltodextrins and fructose content TRIPLECARB FORMULA allows you to train or compete longer at higher intensity even during heavy competitions or workouts. Vitarade® Energy Gel fueled by Vitargo® has greater influence on the utilization of „external” energy sources during physical activity compared to regular gels based on maltodextrines or/and simple sugars. Due to TRIPLECARB FORMULA the utilization of carbohydrates contained in Vitarade® Energy Gel fueled by Vitargo® is up to 60 – 80% higher compared to regular gels based on maltodextrines1,2,8 or simple sugars. TRIPLECARB FORMULA provides optimal protection of natural glycogen stores allowing you to perform at higher intensity for a very long time.

Very well tolerated by the stomach during the intense physical activity

  • TRIPLECARB FORMULA contains three different sources of carbohydrates that guarantees fast but steady release of the glucose to the blood, lowering the risk of gastrointestinal tract problems. Glucose Polymers and fructose contained in Vitarade® Energy Gel fueled by Vitargo® leave the stomach much faster than simple sugars solutions (glucose), often used in regular energy gels10. Due to that, TRIPLECARB FORMULA doesn’t stress the stomach and can be consumed by people with very sensitive gastrointestinal tract without any side effects like colic, bloating or diarrhea.

Maximum stimulation and focus during physical activity

  • Vitarade® Energy Gel fueled by Vitargo® delivers optimal dosage of caffeine which increases effort capacity by neuromuscular signaling stimulation. Caffeine postpones and reduces fatigue allowing you to perform at the highest level during the trainings or competitions11. By influencing central nervous system, caffeine contained in Vitarade® Energy Gel fueled by Vitargo® increases focus and decreases reaction time for unexpected signals and situations, that may happen during game, competition or intensive workout sessions.

Source of the key electrolytes

  • Vitarade® Energy Gel fueled by Vitargo® contains sodium and potassium to ensure optimal functioning of muscle tissue and nervous system as well as body water balance during the physical activity. Moreover, sodium contained in Vitarade® Energy Gel fueled by Vitargo® replenishes losses caused by sweating and supports glucose and water absorption from intestines, which is often slowed down during the intense exercise.

Proper consistency

  • Vitarade® Energy Gel fueled by Vitargo® has proper fluid consistency that ensures easy consumption direct from the package, without the need to wash it down with water. Vitarade® Energy Gel fueled by Vitargo® can be easily consumed even during fast and/or prolonged running, biking, skiing or swimming. Liquid form of gel ensures fast emptying of the package decreasing the time needed to squeeze out and consume. Optimal formula and consistency make Vitarade® Energy Gel fueled by Vitargo® a perfect product that supports the body during intense physical activity.

Great taste

  • Vitarade® Energy Gel fueled by Vitargo® has fresh lemon taste and contrary to many regular gels based on maltodextrins and/or simple sugars it doesn’t leave the feeling of stickiness and sweetness in the mouth afterwards. Regular consumption of Vitarade® Energy Gel fueled by Vitargo® allows you to refresh yourself even during the very intensive activity or periods of extreme physical fatigue.


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