Vitarade® fueled by Vitargo®

Who should take Vitarade® EL fueled by Vitargo®?

Vitarade® EL fueled by Vitargo® was designed for variety of customers, from professional athletes to active people who want to support their bodies during physical activity in the most efficient way.

Vitarade® EL fueled by Vitargo® is recommended to anyone training and participating in sport events based on:

  • Endurance (running, cycling, triathlon, rowing, kayaking, cross-country skiing, speed skating etc.)
  • Strength and strength/speed (bodybuilding, weightlifting, throwing, sprinting, jumping, gymnastics etc.)
  • Mixed abilities (football, basketball, volleyball, handball, hockey, rugby, tennis, squash, figure skating, alpine skiing, winter sports etc.)

Optimal carbohydrate delivery and proper hydration is needed for fast exercise adaptation. It allows you to stay fit and healthy, and train, play and compete at the highest performance level. Wide spectrum of applications of Vitarade® EL fueled by Vitargo® is caused by unique properties of high molecular mass carbohydrates and optimal ratio of key electrolytes that protect every active person from the risk of dehydration and depletion of energy.

Vitarade® EL fueled by Vitargo® in endurance sports

Delivering the right amount of carbohydrates as a main source of energy is crucial in any sport that requires endurance. Body demand for carbohydrates depends on volume and intensity of the workout and can vary from 0,8 to 1,2 g/kg of body weight /hour1, which means that an athlete weighting 70 kg should eat 56 – 840g of carbohydrates per every hour of an effort. When the workout intensity and individual physiological capacity of the body is taken into account, it’s often hard to meet such high nutritional demands without special carbohydrates products or drinks. What is more, fluid loss during the effort can be even as high as 2 -3 l per hour2 , so proper hydration of the body before the workout with correct carbohydrate drink has a great importance.

Vitarade® EL fueled by Vitargo® provides the highest quality carbohydrates, and due to low osmolality and key electrolytes it guarantees proper hydration even during prolonged workouts. Consumption of Vitarade® EL fueled by Vitargo® is the best way for delivery of high amount of carbohydrates without stomach upsets. Unique properties of Vitarade® EL fueled by Vitargo® reduce the risk of colic or heartburn caused by carbohydrates remaining in the gastrointestinal tract. This way Vitarade® EL fueled by Vitargo® is the best product for all people involved in endurance activities.

Vitarade® EL fueled by Vitargo® in strength or speed/strength sports

Glucose (through the process of glycolysis) is a main energy source during the strength or strength/speed effort. Muscle and liver glycogen stores can become almost completely depleted during strength workouts3, which leads to a decrease in muscle strength and training volume, depletion of glycogen augments catabolic activity in muscle cells increasing the level of cortisol, the hormone known for its strong catabolic properties. To avoid negative effects of cortisol, a proper amount of carbohydrates should be ingested during strength workouts, and not only after it. Vitarade® EL fueled by Vitargo® provides high quality carbohydrates to replenish glycogen level which allow the athlete to increase workout volume. Vitarade® EL fueled by Vitargo® inhibits catabolic activity by increasing nitrogen balance and supporting the increase of muscle size and muscle strength3.

Furthermore, Vitarade® EL fueled by Vitargo® containing key electrolytes ingested during strength exercise ensures optimal hydration and allows to train longer and harder at each training session.

Vitarade® EL fueled by Vitargo® in team and mixed sports

Variable intensity, game pace and/or prolonged duration of the effort requires energy provided from glucose released from liver and muscle glycogen4. High demand for carbohydrates is also caused by high frequency of the games, competitions or training sessions, that makes it difficult to completely replenish glycogen stores. Clinical trials performed by Danish scientists have shown that during the “high” season glycogen stores are often almost completely depleted5,6,7, and high frequency of games and training sessions doesn’t allow the athlete to consume sufficient amount of carbohydrates from food. Moreover, the glycogen resynthesis rate in team sport athletes is lower compared to endurance sports. Athletes often have to compete not fully regenerated, so providing high quality carbohydrates during the exercise is crucial for their performance. It allows the athlete to decrease or even completely suppress the feeling of fatigue during the second half of the game or workout. Furthermore, performing physical effort in hot and stuffy halls or sunny fields or courts can lead to fluid loss as high as 2,5 l per hour of effort2.

Vitarade® EL fueled by Vitargo® meets the athletes’ demands providing them with fast acting energy source and protects from dehydration and fatigue further in the game or training session. The unique properties of Vitarade® EL fueled by Vitargo® protects from unwanted effects on gastrointestinal tract that are often caused by variable game pace or intensity of the workout. Thus Vitarade® EL fueled by Vitargo® perfectly supports the body during each minute of game or training session.


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